Poster – ‘There is hope’


An inspirational Charles Rennie Mackintosh – lettered poster.

This striking Duille poster is printed in crisp black and white with a colour accent and features a motto adapted from a well known work by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It’ll look great on the wall and catch the eye.

Never give up – there is hope. In times of trouble or worry – it can help to remember this. A tiny green bud emerges at left as if to symbolise the message.

Mackintosh designed a variety of lettering throughout his career.
This example is strongly influenced by work from the Vienna Secession group, including Koloman Moser. The spaces between the letterforms and the visual rhythm of the composition have all been carefully considered. It’s a decisive and very successful departure from the rules of conventional typography. The overall effect is at once powerful, thought provoking and reassuring – a little positivity works wonders.

Produced by Duille, Northampton, England.
Adapted from an original 1901 design by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Printed on heavyweight silk paper and suitable for framing or display with poster fixings.
Size: 420 W x 297 H mm (A3).

Photos show framing and display suggestions.
Your poster will be sent unframed, wrapped in acid free tissue and protectively packed.

This artwork is also available as a framed desktop or wall motto.

Weight0.105 kg
Dimensions42 × 29.7 cm

Poster adapted from an Original Charles Rennie Mackintosh design.

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