“Night Rain, Teradomari”


A museum-quality fine art giclée print of this stunning, atmospheric work by Japanese artist Sochu Kawase Hasui.

“Night Rain, Teradomari”, Sochu Kawese Hasui. 1921.

This stunning Duille fine art print features ‘Night Rain, Teradomari’ a woodblock by Japanese artist Sochu Kawase Hasui. One of a series, Souvenirs of Travels, Second Collection it embodies the artist’s love of natural scenes depicting the elements. “I love quiet scenes with the shadow of loneliness hanging over them”, he wrote. Hasui often created works picturing scenes at night, dawn or sunset. He sought to portray the inspiration of nature, atmospheric effects to suggest ephemerality, poetic moods of ‘tranquillity or contemplation’, the source of a Japanese sense of identity in values and sensibilities of the past  and the capacity of ‘beauty’ for ‘expressing spirituality.

About the work
A loan figure walks into the downpour soaking the street. Pools of water reflect shimmering light from the sky and the houses. The scene is beautifully lit and richly shaded with colour bringing a soothing sense of tranquility. The absence of modern features such as power lines creates a timeless feeling.

This is a museum-quality archival print made using materials which will last for many years.

Special features
This print is a museum / archival quality giclée print on heavyweight Somerset Enhanced Radiant White Velvet 255gsm paper reproducing the original work close to actual size.

About giclée
The giclée process is ‘the best kind of fine art print available today’ and uses precision digital technology. Favoured by leading international museums and fine artists for superb detail and quality of reproduction with rich saturated colour. These prints are often mistaken for originals.

As with any work of art we recommend displaying your print away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Available unframed in a choice of two sizes
This fine art print can be supplied on an A4 sheet –
Overall size: 210 x 297mm
Size of printed image: 190 x 287mm
Top and bottom white margins to allow for framing: 5mm
Left and right white margins to allow for framing: 10mm

or an A3 sheet –
Overall size: 297 x 420mm
Size of printed image: 277 x 410mm
Top and bottom white margins to allow for framing: 5mm
Left and right white margins to allow for framing: 10mm

Packed for protection with fast dispatch
Your unframed print will be sent wrapped in acid-free tissue and protectively packed.

All materials are recyclable and come from environmentally responsible sources.

Print size

A3 print, A4 print

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