“Garden Colony”


A museum-quality fine art giclée print of this beautifully charming work by Gustav Wunderwald.

“Garden Colony”. Gustav Wunderwald. c.1924.

This gorgeous Duille fine art print features Garden Colony a painting by German artist Gustav Wunderwald.

Wunderwald was fascinated by the urban landscapes that grew and surrounded Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s. His aesthetic was influenced by the Neue Sachlichkeit ( New Objectivity ) movement in which artists such as George Grosz and Otto Dix returned to traditional forms of expression as a reassuring ‘return to order’ after the First World War. Some commentators describe these landscapes as ‘fairy-tail-like’ and this almost folk-art style later informed other artists such as L.S Lowry.

About the work
In Garden Colony the artist depicts one of the government-sponsored allotment garden landscapes that grew up after the end of the First World War. Such colonies made a vital contribution at a time when fresh food transport was unreliable and shortages common. The colonies occupied land where nobody wanted to live such as railway or industrial brownfields. Hundreds of individually made huts fill the frame as far as the eye can see, each a focus for the work of a family who tend their plot and enjoy social time here. The ‘Kleingarten’ movement persists to the present day with thousands of colonies throughout the German-speaking world and in an era when issues of sustainability are of ever-greater concern the relevance of this approach is obvious.

Garden Colony has great charm depicting a relatable individualised landscape full of the personalities of those who’ve made it even though they are unseen. Shown in winter cold, its contrast with the soulless industrial backdrop could not be greater. Human values win through.

This is a museum-quality archival print made using materials which will last for many years.

Special features
This print is a museum / archival quality giclée print on heavyweight Somerset Enhanced Radiant White Velvet 255gsm paper reproducing the original work close to actual size.

About giclée
The giclée process is ‘the best kind of fine art print available today’ and uses precision digital technology. Favoured by leading international museums and fine artists for superb detail and quality of reproduction with rich saturated colour. These prints are often mistaken for originals.

As with any work of art we recommend displaying your print away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Available unframed in a choice of two sizes
This fine art print can be supplied on an A4 sheet –
Overall size: 210 x 297mm
Size of printed image: 200 x 235mm
Top and bottom white margins to allow for framing: 30mm
Left and right white margins to allow for framing: 5mm

or an A3 sheet –
Overall size: 297 x 420mm
Size of printed image: 287 x 338mm
Top and bottom white margins to allow for framing: 40mm
Left and right white margins to allow for framing: 5mm

Packed for protection with fast dispatch
Your unframed print will be sent wrapped in acid-free tissue and protectively packed.

All materials are recyclable and come from environmentally responsible sources.

Print size

A3 print, A4 print

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